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Wood Shingles




Cedar shingles are popular choices for homeowners because they are well-suited for roofing — they are durable, attractive to look at and practical to use.

Characteristics of Cedar Shingles

Cedar wood can be harvested from sustainable forests and used as a material to construct shingles with. Cedar is ideal for shingles because of its insulating properties and durability — its natural preservatives resist rot from humidity or fungi and repel insects naturally without needing any treatment. Cedar roofing holds heat in or cold out — and it does the same for noise. Cedar’s durable and insulating properties surpass that of other commonly used roofing materials, including asphalt, brick and PVC.

Cedar wood also has an attractive appearance. Over time, cedar shingles turn a pleasant shade of grey, which is neutral enough to complement the coloring of most homes. High quality cedar shingles are lightweight and dimensionally stable, so they lie flat and stay straight.

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